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Birthdate:Jan 18
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
My pen_name came from the world for Lord of death, i was working as Nightwing before ffnet decided it didn't like me any more so i thought and as i was working with her at the time i took one of my characters names hence Seraphim (for the group) and Grace for the character who was in turn named for the Jeff Buckley Album because i was listening to that when i named her.
I write lots and lots and primarily work with the following pairings, in Weiss Kreuz AyaxCrawford but in SideB AyaxChloe (sometimes this overlaps in my work), OmixNagi, and i think Ken's straight otherwise explain Yuriko, hmmm. In GW i am an unabashed 1x2x1 shipper, and although i can write Duo with Trowa he's thinking of heero.
i have a sick sense of humour, which i'm sure most of you have noticed and enjoy writing stories that get "messy" where everyone ends up making every one else miserable.
I write Dean/Castiel in Supernatural and often play on the darker side of fic, but there is a part of me that's pure crack.

If you wish to convert my fic into pdf/audiofic/language of your choice I hereby give you permission, however let me know you're doing it and when it's done I'll post a link on my page too

I am open to being friended, I don't mind and i will friend you back, but please leave a note so i notice.

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